Digital Amateur Television DXpedition to DL and HB9 2023

Latest update: 2023-03-25 09:00 UTC

This is the website for the Digital Amateur Television DXpedition to DL and HB9 2023. I will publish the time table and station information on this page.

The global plan

Between 2023-05-18 and 2023-05-21 i will make a journey where I will visit at least the squares JN48 and JN47. The callsigns DL/PE1ITR and HB9/PE1ITR will be used. I will be traveling by car and the station is also built into the car.

I will be QRV with reduced bandwidth amateur digital television (RB-DATV) in DVB-S(2) mode on 2m and 70cm only. It turns out that in this mode you can easily exchange moving images, whereby large distances can be bridged by means of aircraft scatter. Perhaps some distance records can be broken again. Ken W6HHC, maintains the record of the world DATV records here:

The talkback channel during operation is: or Zello channel "ATV Nederland".

I know that a number of stations in the Netherlands are ready to make a QSO. Feel free to contact me whenever you want a sked too. Then I will add you to the email list where I will spread the latest news.
To PA the distance will be 400 - 500 km from JN48 depending on your location. The distance to PA will be 550 - 700 km from JN47. I think this is possible with the Airplane scatter propagation.

Indicative timetable

The final schedule is not yet known and I will publish it here when it is more concrete

Click here to download the timetable. <- Preliminary timetable

I emphasize that this timetable is only an indication as local conditions may be different.


144 MHz: 9 el yagi with 200w DATV. freq 144.600 MHz; Mode: DVB-S(2) symbol rate 125k of 66k.
432 MHz: 2x16 el yagi with 200w DATV. freq 436.5 MHz; Mode DVB-S(2) symbol rate 125k of 66k.
I prefer the DVB-S2 mode with an SR 125k FEC 1/2. Other settings are also possible, such as DVB-S2 with an SR 66k FEC 1/3. DVB-S2 clearly works better than DVB-S.

Here is an impression of the DATV 144 MHz station when I was QRV in the Dutch DATV contest from Luxembourg in august 2022: Link


You can email me on my address
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Email list: VHF-UHF-DXP

73 de PE1ITR.

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