VHF DXpedition to P4 - Aruba 2024

Latest update: 2024-02-06 23:24 UTC


From February 12, 2024 to February 16, 2024 I will be QRV on 144 MHz and 222 MHz from the island of Aruba (locator square FK52). It is a combined beach holiday and DXpedition.

For radio, the main goal is to make QSO's via TEP radio propagation on 2m. In February there is a high chance of TEP propagation along the path between the Caribbean and South America.
However, I am also up for all other QSO's such as Tropo and Meteorscatter with digital modes. I will also enjoy making QSO's on 222 MHz as it is a new band for me.

Callsign is P4/PE1ITR. Locator: FK52AM


The flight has been booked. The accommodation is also booked. An authorization for P4/PE1ITR has been granted.

Indicative timetable

Depending on internet availability, I can be reached during activity on: the 144/222 MHz HB9Q chat or the Region 2 ON4KST Chat.


144 MHz: 9 el yagi antenna. FT817ND + SSPA 100 watt + pre-amp
222 MHz: 12 el yagi antenna. FT817ND + Transverter + SSPA 100 watt + preamp. Details here
QRV mainly with digital modes FT8, Q65b, MSK144 and when necessary SSB/CW.

144 MHz QSO Potential

Based on dxcluster information, I have created an overview of stations with which a QSO can potentially be made. I set the maximum range for 2200 km (MS) except for TEP on 2m.

TEP to LU, Tropo to WP and HI and MS to Florida

TEP on 144 MHz

This page contains information about the distribution of TEP openings in the year and the day over the last 15 months. The QRV timetable is based on this.
The graph shows that the chance of TEP openings is greatest at the end of February/beginning of March and the end of September/beginning of October. Taking personal holiday planning into account, this DXpedition is therefore planned for February.

222 MHz QSO Potential

Tropo to WP and HI and MS to Florida

A number of tropo QSO's can be made on 222 MHz. I think that for this band the focus is on Meteorscatter, although the month of February is not that favorable for MS.


You can email me on my qrz.com address
Latest info on this website
Also on MMMonVHF

73 de PE1ITR.

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