Rob Hardenberg, PE1ITR - QTH: Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Locator: JO21QK
This page reloads the latest magnetogram every 2 minutes (not always active)
 | k0<  5nT | k1< 10nT | k2< 20nT | k3< 40nT | k4< 70nT | k5<120nT | k6<200nT | k7<330nT | k8<500nT |

Note: I try to keep this magnetogram On-line 24H/Day. Around 7:30UTC and 17:00UTC passing cars and garagedoors opening/closing are causing 25nT disturbances in the magnetogram. I try to correct the data as often as possible to keep the magnetogram accurate.
A big change in temperature is also affecting the magnetogram. Temp down > mgram slowly goes up | Temp up > mgram slowly goes down. I'm working to solve this problem.
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